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don't step on my beat!


Composed in 2006 

For string orchestra with two conductors

Duration: 5:00


Don’t Step On My Beat! was written for the final concert of the Sonus Chamber Music Society’s inaugural season. Most of the ideas for the piece were originally intended to be used in a piece for a reading session with the new-music group Speculum Musicae. However, as the deadline for that project approached, it became apparent that nothing suitable would come out of this material. I shelved the ideas, waiting for a chance to use them. When Nicholas Leh Baker suggested that I write a fun piece to conclude the Sonus season, I quickly returned to all of these ideas, creating a sort of medley of the different rhythmic motives and themes. To this medley I added the opening chord progression, which, at the time I first composed it, I thought was too cheesy to use in a real piece.  All of these pop and rock-inspired elements come together in a fun mish-mash, with one or two little surprises along the way. . . .



First Performance: Sonus Chamber Music Society, May 6th, 2006

Fellowship Hall, First Presbyterian Church, Houston, TX

Sonus Chamber Orchestra; Nicholas Leh Baker and Jordan Kuspa, conductors


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