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I have been incredibly fortunate to have worked with a series of great music teachers and mentors since I was very young. Finding the right individual guidance is essential to progressing in music study. I know well that I would not be able to compose, play, or interpret music at a high level if I had not benefitted from the expertise of several dedicated musical mentors in my life. Now, I strive to offer that same kind of guidance to my students, whether they are composers, string players, or musicians hoping to develop their ear training or music theory knowledge.

I enjoy working in all musical styles and take a student-centered approach, in which we decide together where the focus of our studies will be. Are you an experienced composer looking to polish and clarify your ideas, or are you just starting to develop your first musical pieces? Have you always dreamed of playing the Bach Cello Suites or are you more interested in learning the theme from Harry Potter? Are you looking to pass your end of semester theory exams, or do you need help polishing your application to your dream school? I have worked on all of these things with my students, and would be happy to work with you to pursue your musical goals.

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Lessons offered (from beginner to advanced study):

• Composition

• Cello

• Music Theory

• Ear Training/Musicianship

• College Application/Portfolio/Audition Preparation

For more information, or to schedule an introductory interview to determine if working together would be a good match, please contact me via email at

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