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Intimacy of creativity 2018

I'm going to Hong Kong! I'm so excited and honored to be asked to travel to Hong Kong in late April as one of the five Composer Fellows joining Artistic Director Bright Sheng, Distinguished Guest Composer Robert Beaser, and Ensemble-In-Residence the Israeli Chamber Project. The Intimacy of Creativity is truly unique in the world of new music festivals, as audiences are invited into the process of rehearsal and revision, watching masterclasses and open rehearsals as the faculty and fellows hone their pieces for performance. My piece Metronome has been selected, and to make it through the final hurdle for acceptance, I had to revise that work (adding almost a full minute of virtuosic music at the end), and agree to be open to potentially making further revisions as we get it ready for the premiere

I think this is such a cool idea. I believe that many people are genuinely interested in the artistic process, and we as composers could definitely afford to let people into our studios and headspace as we create these collaborations with performers. I've been thinking about this larger question a lot recently, and I'm planning some cool ways to start letting people into the process much, much more.

But more on that soon. Until then, Hong Kong, here I come! Check out the Intimacy of Creativity website here:


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