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Composed in 2004

For piano

Duration: 3:00


I. Eighteen

II. Nine

III. Twenty-seven


This set of three miniatures for piano was composed over a few days in October 2004. The three movements follow the basic structure of a classical sonatina, but are closer in spirit to independent character studies. The names of the movements refer to the number of measures contained in each. Brief descriptions of each follow:


Eighteen: A jaunty movement with a distinctly Russian flavor. There is a reference to a famous piece by Rebikov.


Nine: Shimmering and ethereal, giving the feeling of floating weightlessly.


Twenty-seven: This piece is written in 10/8 and has an energetic, dancing, almost Latin flair. The tonal center changes rapidly throughout as the piece charges to conclusion.


The score is dedicated to my brother Kai, who was himself a very talented young pianist.



First Performance: November 17th, 2004

Duncan Recital Hall, Rice University, Houston, TX

Benjamin Laude, piano


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