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Jordan Kuspa’s music has been praised in the New York Times as “animated and melodically opulent” and “consistently alive and inspired.” His works juxtapose a bristling rhythmic drive with expansive textures and sinuously interwoven counterpoint. Explorative and eclectic, Kuspa’s music encompasses intricate motivic

developments, carefully-wrought formal structures, and unexpected detours of wit and whimsy. Kuspa earned his doctorate from the Yale School of Music and also studied at Rice University. He is currently based in Southern California.



[O]f the eight works that Ensemble SurPlus offered, the most memorable was Jordan Kuspa’s Piano Trio.... his writing here was sharply focused, carefully shaped and attuned to coloristic possibilities...

Poe would have loved local composer Jordan Kuspa’s musical take on [Masque of the Red Death]—ominous notes of an oboe, menacing percussion, soothing sound of a harp, and everything in between...

"Time Crunch" is a short but entertaining work that starts with broad expansive gestures gradually picking up speed and momentum, like a boulder rolling down a hill.

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